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Enhance your web presence

HD360° Photography and
Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tours

We create stunning HD360° panoramic images

About usChange The Picture is one of Britain's top Photo Agencies with some of the best photographers and camera people in the business. We have decades of professional experience in the commercial photographic and broadcast TV industries.

We're one of a handful of Google Trusted Photo Agencies for Google Street View. We shoot premium quality visual walkthroughs of the inside of your business premises and put it on Google for everyone to see.

We also specialise in creating bespoke HD360° virtual tours for your website as well as offering video production services, UAV drone filming plus brochure quality commercial stills photography.

Our network covers the UK and beyond; we've carried out shoots at some of the world's most prestigious and interesting locations. No job is too small but we also have the experience to manage the largest projects, anywhere in the world.

We work closely with businesses on a case-by-case basis, putting the time in to understand exactly what you want to showcase and achieve. We aim to create the best possible images to help you attract more customers and ultimately make your business more profitable.

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How Does It Work?

What is 360°?

Traditionally there were only two ways to showcase your properties visually; with stills photography or a promotional video. Now there's a third way with digital HD360° photography; for your website and social media as well as your Google Search and Google Maps listings. A virtual tour is a series of 360° panoramic photos which connect to form a 3D visual walkthrough.

It’s a new medium; it’s interactive and immersive, it involves and engages the viewer, it encourages them to explore. It’s a powerful marketing tool, on the cutting edge of virtual reality and an ideal platform to showcase any business whose premises is an essential component of what they’re selling.

Why 360°?

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often a complicated decision so how do people know just how good or different your business is compared to your competitors unless you have great images which showcase your premises to its’ best advantage? Your website is your shop window to the world and Google searches are the way that most people will find you.

The images that you put there are what makes your business stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace. Our HD360° tours really take you there; they let people experience your location and they inspire greater confidence among prospective customers by showing what you have to offer and positively influencing their decision to book, visit or buy.

Why use us?

Not all Google photographers are the same; there is no standard product and having a Google badge is not a guarantee of quality. Unlike other Google Agencies we’re not marketing people pushing a sales team to hit monthly sales targets, we’re experienced commercial photographers focused on providing quality photography for image conscious clients who wish to show their business in the best possible light.

For us, quality is everything; we shoot with top of the range Nikon or Canon DSLRs and use the latest Mac Pro Workstations - just compare our portfolio to the others and the difference is obvious. Many of our competitors produce poor quality tours which bear no comparison to the standard of our work.

The Process

Bespoke Quote

We can arrange a free consultation at your premises or alternatively we can quote via phone or email based on your floor-plan or sq/m


We’re sensitive to your businesses’ needs and arrange to photograph your premises at the most convenient and appropriate time.

Location shoot

The duration of a shoot depends on the size of your business; smaller locations take an hour or two and very large venues may take a day or two

Post Production

In many ways the shoot is the easy bit. It takes time and a lot of processing power to hand-stitch and manually blend each individual image to create your 360° tour


We aim to publish your tour across Google and send you the Website embed code within 7-10 days of your photoshoot.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the size of your premises, the degree of coverage and the level of photographic quality that you require.

What’s involved?

Prices are from £200 - it all depends on the size of your premises, the detail of coverage and the quality of the images. Call or email us for a free quote. We can arrange a site visit or give you an accurate estimate based on your Sq/m or floor-plan. We aim to provide top quality images at a cost effective price but quality takes time. As is true of any product or service; you get what you pay for.

Size & detail

Naturally a small location costs less than a larger one. You decide on the amount of coverage you need or can afford - we don’t have to shoot all areas and we can vary the spacing of the 360° viewpoints to show more or less detail. For smaller premises prices are £200 - £400. The average medium size business typically costs £400 - £600, larger locations £600 - £1,000 and very large locations from £1,000 up.

Photographic quality

As with any other genre of photography, there are good photographers and not so good ones. Our standard quality is at least as good as any other company’s and for clients who want the very best we offer premium quality, fully retouched HD images. Google tour images are a maximum of 84 Megapixels. For stand alone website tours we offer up to 200 megapixels resolution.

What’s included?

It’s a one-off fee that includes everything from shoot to publication with no hidden extras. Your tour will appear across all Google platforms (see here for Google’s current T&C’s) or in the case of stand alone bespoke Tours, on your website. If you change your decor or your products we can update your tour with new images and we offer a discount for repeat business.

Return On Investment

Your tour is an investment which will help increase your turnover and profitability rather than being a cost. To get the most from your investment we advise that you take a proactive approach. We will help you to embed the tour on your website and post on social media. We’ll work with you to provide suggestions for creative ways to use the tour to enhance your marketing.

Large / multiple premises

We provide a discount for businesses with multiple locations or very large premises such as hotels, cinemas, offices, theatres, galleries, museums, concert halls, stadiums. conference and exhibition centres. Our photographers are trained to the highest standard so we can ensure consistent quality. We provide one point of contact and have the capacity to handle the largest projects anywhere in the world.

People we have worked with

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